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3 keV Raster Ion Bombardment Gun and Control

  • outstanding Low Voltage performance
  • high sputtering rates 200 a/min
  • beam diameter 2.5 mm
  • Dual Filament Line Off Sight
  • Automatic Degass Function
  • 2.75" O.D. Mounting
3keV Raster Ion Bombardment Gun
Model 981-2043 Gun w/Dual Filament
Model 981-2046 Controller, 115V/230V
Cable Kit, Gasket, Manual

USD 8 840 EUR 6 630

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Accessories & Spares

Part NumberDescriptionUSDEUR
981-2046Power Supply, 115V/230V4 8803 660
981-2043Ion Gun, 6" Length3 9602 980
981-2043-EXTIon Gun, Custom Insertion Length5 5804 180
00.660.1156m Connection Cable680540
981-2044Replacement Filament, incl. Two Pair360270
81.400.344Manual, Gun5040
81.400.345Manual, Controller5040
81.400.346Set of Schematics, Layouts, Parts Lists5040
00.652.396Beam Path Grid (Gridded Washer)9070
00.648.324Extractor Grid Assembly280210
00.641.2642.75" O.D. Base Flange, 10-Pin Feedthrough480360
00.641.780.02Shoulder Ceramic108
53.611.003Remote, Male Cable Connector3020
36.885.251Focus HV Potentiometer180130
Loaner, Power Supply Rent per week10080
Repair of Power Supply, Flat Rate480360
Repair of Ion Gun, Flat Rate680510
Repair of Connection Cable480360